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Thank you for choosing Randidu Cab Service, Our taxi service provide a fast and reliabletaxi service in Sri Lanka. We specialize in airport taxi transfers to and from all Katunayake Airport for both individuals and groups professional and personal service at affordable cost. We already provide an excellent service to our customers, which include local and international clients, hotels and airlines, both large and small businesses, and would be delighted to fulfil your Taxi Journey requirements. A 'Randidu Cab Service' can be arrange when booking whereby the driver will be in arrivals hall of airport with the passenger’s or company name, whichever you prefer. A comforting thought, especially for first time visitors from another country. If your flight is arrived before or subject to delays, we will monitor’s your flight's progress and send your driver at the new expected time of arrival We offer 24 x 7 taxi service and private hire cars.
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We provides lowest taxi fare and reliable taxi service in Sri Lanka.

Extensive Fleet

We provide access to a large fleet of vehicle sizes and types. Regardless of your party size, luggage or special requirements, we can usually provide the perfect vehicle. If you have any queries about vehicle suitability or availability, we'd be delighted to help; give us a call and we'll talk you through the options.
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Island-wide service

Best Budget Airport Taxi Service in Sri Lanka.

Randidu cab service carried out taxi service from any place to the airport and throughout the country.

About Taxi and cabs services in Sri Lanka

Taxi Sri Lanka is the most convenient way of traveling across the country. Here, of course, there is air transport, trains and buses, but this convenience and speed as a taxi, does not provide any of them. Yes, just imagine, but to fly from one part of the country to another will take time in most cases even more than to cover the distance by taxi. That is why when planning to travel to Sri Lanka should consider the option, to at least take a taxi from the airport to destinations and back. Even for budget travelers, especially groups of several people, this option is not heavily hit on the wallet, but will save a lot of time and nerves.

Taxi in Sri Lanka, by the way, is of several types. A regular taxi is presented in the form of cars, and for groups of 5 people offered minivans Seating up to 12 passengers. And in recent years began to gain the popularity of the new budget taxi on small cars for two people. Trip to Budget Taxi will cost about 30% cheaper than usual.

Ordering a taxi in the resorts or from airport is fixed price, It is important to discuss the price and make sure that we are talking about the RS for all passengers, not per person. Tricks with a difference in price of $ 50 instead of 15, or 500 rupees instead of 50 is not uncommon. To avoid such troubles, and indeed save, it is best to use the order through the Randidu cabs online booking service. Ordering a taxi from Randidu cab service is more convenient and safer for passengers to travel in Sri Lanka.

When traveling by a car, you should know one more thing: in Sri Lanka there are toll roads, go by which you will be able to save time, but you will additionally have to pay for the trip on highway 1 to $ 5.

You can also book a cab in Sri Lanka through the Randidu Cabs Service via online booking service, and driver will be waiting for you at the Airport upon arrival.

Cabs, and vans with exclusive drivers used for tours. This is the easiest and most convenient way to travel if you have limited nights or time, or if you want to visit archeological sites and World Heritage sites scattered throughout the country .Prices vary from company to company, but some are based on mileage, while others may be based on days if chartered for several days.

An exclusive driver will accompany you on the trip, so you can always move freely to the place you like at your favorite timing. You can easily drop in at a convenience store, supermarket, souvenir shop, or even a place where you may find an interesting place to catch your eyes. Even in Sri Lanka, where there are many means of transportation, all of them are time-consuming and time-consuming.Chartering a taxi is the most efficient and convenient way to move around Sri Lanka, where the land is really large, easily and stress-free .

There are a number of taxi charter companies, from small ones where drivers are doing individually to large ones, but more than 1,000 people use it annually, Randuidu Cabs and Tours Managed by Jayantha Bandara who is the owner of this company, Sri Lankan drivers and Sri Lankan staff are operate. Is the most popular among over 200 reviews with affordable prices and high service and driver quality. By all means contact us and book your taxi now.
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